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Friday, June 5, 2009

quick update

Has it really been four months?

Even though my recently busy schedule has prevented me from blogging, it has not prevented my mind from wandering into the realms of game design.

A mini design contest was held on BGG. Although I completed some tiles for my design, I didn't follow through in writing up the rules or entering the design in the contest. In my game, each player starts with a set number of tokens. At the beginning of a player's turn, the player can make one change to the layout of the tiles. The layout of the tiles determines to which other player each player passes their tokens on that turn, and how many points they get for doing so. I never play-tested it, so I have no idea if it's even any fun.

Another mini contest started after that, but despite the fact that I'm a huge sports fan, I couldn't gear myself up to think of a good design for it. I do have a rough design that intended to give the feel of several seasons of fantasy sports, but I'm neither happy with it, nor do I feel that it was appropriate for this contest.

I've become rather obsessed with Race for the Galaxy. I've been kicking around ideas to put my blank cards to use. Right now I'm thinking of a set of cards around a Cybernetics theme, perhaps introducing a new keyword. I fear that the upcoming expansion may distract me from that, but I suppose I could avoid it by not purchasing it (yeah, right).

I was also impressed with the recently released Small World. While it's not much of a brain-burner, it does require enough thought and planning to make it interesting. I've only had a chance to play with two and three players, but I'm expecting that more players will increase the table banter, which is always good.

Days of Wonder has also started a contest to design new abilities and races for the game. The idea of getting my idea published is incentive enough for me to put in an entry, but DoW is sweetening the deal with an expenses paid trip to Essen Spiel 2009. That, my friends, would be unthinkably awesome.

I hope to continue this blog for my own good. Family, jobs, and other general grown-up activity has a way of putting a cramp on the blogging time, but I can't ignore the value of a creative outlet that this blog can be.

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