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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

small world contest: flanking!

Our scouts from the north indicated that only a small number of enemy troops had gathered in that direction. As we prepared to defend the northern front, our scouts from the east arrived with a similar report. And then the same from the northwest. And southeast. Before we knew it, they were descending on us from every direction. Panic and chaos ensued; we were forced to retreat in the only direction we could.

Flanking - Flanking races receive can conquer regions with one less token for each additional adjacent region they occupy beyond the first region adjacent to the target region. For example, if the flanking race occupies two regions adjacent to the target region, they need one less token to conquer it; three regions, two less tokens; etc.

This worked quite well. I felt that I needed to make it a 5 ability because you simply need numbers to pull it off. Therefore, the bonus could only kick in for situations where there was more than one region adjacent to the target region (otherwise it would be a better Commando, which would knock the number down to 3). It also makes more sense thematically this way.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to describe this without being overly verbose. Hopefully I can rephrase the above description so that it isn't so awkward.

I'm beginning to think that I could submit 2 or 3 ability/races around the theme of "positioning" -- Stealthy and Flanking definitely fit that category.


  1. Instigating (although recent thoughts have me questioning this one)

  2. Giant Spiders

  3. Stealthy

  4. Flanking (although it's basically a tie with Stealthy)

  5. Necromancers