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Monday, June 15, 2009

small world contest: instigating!

Sorry, no narrative intro for this one, yet...
Instigating - At the end of their turn, Instigating races place the four reward tokens any four separate occupied regions on the map that are occupied by a player's race (active or in decline). If any other player conquers that region, the conquering player receives one coin, and the reward token is removed from the board If the race occupying that region abandons the region, the Instigating player receives one coin and the reward is removed from the board. Any reward tokens that are still on the board at the start of the Instigating player's next turn are removed from the board, and the Instigating player receives one coin for each of those reward tokens. This happens before the Instigating race starts conquest or goes into decline. This process starts again after every turn the Instigating race is active. Note: In two-player games, the Instigating player cannot place reward tokens in a region occupied by his opponent's active race.

First, I have to mention that I'm not married to the name. I tried "persuasive", "conniving", "rewarding", but nothing seems right. Is there a term for someone who places a reward or bounty?

I started this one at 3. Comparing it to Alchemist, it has the potential of generating more points per turn (up to 4), but not all 4 points are guaranteed. As I've only played games where I'm controlling each player, it is a bit difficult to judge the effectiveness of this power. In general, it seems to work. 3 is a pretty decent number consider the race's ability to generate points without conquering anything. It could be tweaked up, especially if the number of rewards are reduced. 3 might play okay with 5 rewards as well.

It also swayed my decisions for the other players quite a bit. By conquering a space with a reward, you gain 2 points while denying the Instigating player one point as well as causing the same or another player to lose a region. It creates a tension of doing what gains you the most points, but knowing that you are also doing it in a way that may be in the instigating player's best interest.

I like this one a lot, but it will require much more playtesting. Because of it's flexibility in numbers (can add or remove more tokens as well as rewards), this one is jumping to the top of the list.

  1. Instigating

  2. Stealthy

  3. Necromancers

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