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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

small world contest: sirens!

This was my final entry for the contest. I didn't really like it in the end.
Sirens - When an opponent conquers a coastal regions (adjacent to a Lake or Sea) occupied by Sirens, the opponent immediately gains 1 coin, but also loses 1 token. If only one token was used to conquer the region, then the conquering race will have no tokens in that region.

I basically ditched this because I don't think it works to have additional disincentive to conquer a region beyond the number of tokens required to do so. Token count is so important, and even an extra coin probably doesn't make up for a lost token.

Final ranking:

  1. Instigating

  2. Giant Spiders

  3. Stealthy

  4. Flanking

  5. Necromancers

  6. Sirens

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